Who We Are?

Hello. Firstly, let me welcome you to the online site of Shannon Labs. It is great to see you have found us and that we have found you. It is our wish that we can work together and provide you with the products you need at affordable prices. Shannon Labs is a lab which prides itself on its customer service. We aim to ensure that working with us takes all the stress out of using a new lab for the first time... so much so that we generally do your first cases for free so that you can experience first class service with no risk to you at all.

Shannon Labs is made up for a team gathered from around the globe to bring Ireland and the UK the best service, quality and turnaround time possible. Our different departments aim to constantly improve on every aspect of the company to go above and beyond to serve you, the dentists, in anyway that we possibly can. At Shannon Labs and our partner lab in mainland China, we have an international team of specialists drawn from the USA, Japan, Ireland and China.'' We need to add in from the UK, Germany and France.

Kind regards,
Our Team