Quality Assurance

At Shannon Labs we take quality control extremely seriously. We pride ourselves on our manufacturing techniques and due to the positive negative reproduction cycle it is imperative that the quality of each step of the process is scrutinised and technicians held accountable. As each of the processes are different for different products we shall give you an example of what we do in the production in of a PFM which is one of the longer processes:

  1. On the arrival of impressions to the lab we inspect the impressions/impression material before the models are poured up.
  2. We then proceed to pour the models under vacuum, where the section leader inspects the models to see if they can be passed on to the next stage.
  3. Die Trimming is next, this is where we prep the models to be mounted on the articulators to ensure the bite is correct.
  4. Articulation - It is at this stage that if we notice any issues, we will send you an email with the pictures of whatever the issue is. Generally, issues are related to space, distorted models, large gaps, and other general issues with preps. We will give you options such as: reducing the prep, spot opposing, metal occlusion or if all else fails ask for new impressions. Team leaders complete this step to ensure we only send emails when it is essential.
  5. Wax up - here we will place the wax upon dye spacer to give the outline of the metal which will eventually form the base of the PFM.
  6. With the wax up complete, the metal copings will then be cast in our furnaces, before they are finished and opaqued. Again, team leaders will check that this has been done to an extremely high level and that the marginal fit has no issues.
  7. Our Ceramists take over the add porcelain to the metal and give the shape to the crown.
  8. The Shade is added during the build up and finally the crown is sent for glazing.
  9. Once this final stage has been completed the Quality Control department will check the shade matches the request on the lab docket, that there are no fractures in the porcelain, and that the bite is correct.
  10. Once your lab work has finished its final checks, it is packaged in bubble wrap, then labelled and placed in individual boxes and shipped to you.