Removable Prosthodontics

CoCr Frameworks

Our CoCr Frameworks are made using materials from Bego. They are highly corrosion resistant thanks to its firmly adhering passive layer. Their biocompatibility certified, and their Modulus of Elasticity double that of precious metals. Bego alloys are nickel and beryllium-free

Vitallium 2000/+

Frameworks Vitallium 2000 is a premium partial denture system, featuring two alloy formulations, Vitallium 2000 and Vitallium 2000 Plus, with advanced physical properties for improved handling characteristics. The high fracture resistance of Vitallium 2000 alloys enables us to fabricate lighter, more refined partials for improved aesthetics and greater patient comfort. Vitallium 2000 alloys adjust like gold with no fear of deformation for a precise fit and Vitallium alloys are nickel and beryllium-free.

Titanium Frameworks

Acrylic Dentures

Valplast Dentures

Valplast® is a flexible, nylon thermoplastic that is thinner and more translucent than traditional partials. It requires minimal prep, and offers easy insertion and long term strength. Valplast dentures are thin, lightweight and flexible. They aesthetically mimic natural dentition and are also biocompatible and Metal Free. There is no tissue or tooth prep and they are more durable than acrylic.

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