Full Cast Crowns


Full Cast Crowns are the easiest of all restorations. They are reliable, durable, have very little issues regarding the fit, and are all-round more consistent for quality.

The Metal alloys used are listed below.

Types of alloys.

The same classification system that’s used to categorise alloys for all-metal dental crowns is used with PFM alloys too. They are:

a) High noble (precious).

High-noble alloys have a composition that’s over 60% gold, platinum and/or palladium. These alloys have the advantage that they are the easiest and most predictable to work with. Using them usually insures the most accurate crown fit and the most predictable metal-to-porcelain bond. They however, are also the most expensive to use.

b) Noble alloys (semi-precious).

Alloys in this group have a noble metal content (gold, platinum and/or palladium) that’s over 25%. They are similar in their predictability of bonding and a fraction of the price of High Noble.

c) Base (non-precious).

These alloys have a formulation that’s less than 25% noble metal. They are were in the past littered with allergens but the CoCr Non Precious materials have come on leaps and bounds. One manufacturer in particular, BEGO has developed a material that insures a great fit and also a very predictable metal to porcelain bond.

Our Prices for FCC’s Start at €80. Please contact us for price list.